About Me!

Me, Dennis Mai

Oooo! It's not every day I get to toot my own horn!

First, for those interested, I'm a self-taught Full-stack Web Developer. You can see some of my projects and the tech I work with here.

Second -- but not really -- I'm a father, husband and life-long student of all things. I'm a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt, Atheist (capital 'A'), amateur Table Tennis competitor, half-marathon runner, lake-swimmer, bear-chasing backpacking guide, and ravenous reader of many genres.

Here are some random facts about me.

I'm writing this to add authenticity to our digital lives.

I came of age when the internet was a slow, strange, and inspiring place.

The internet used to be weird, too. And while it's still full of facts and knowledge, it's lost some of that magic.

I, and others, still want to keep that spirit alive.

And so that is why I am here, hand-coding this website and blog, putting my own personal touch on everything.

I hope this place inspires you. I hope it weirds you out a bit. I hope it delights you.

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Thanks for reading.

Credit goes to my wife for designing this weirdo.

Oh, you're still here? Okay, I'll tell you more.

I was born (and raised) in Wichita, Kansas to Vietnamese refugees.

English was my second language, but not my last. I studied Economics and Spanish at Wichita State University and studied abroad for 1 year in Murcia, Spain, where I met my bombastic Swiss wife.

I graduated, moved to Switzerland, learned German and French, got married, and started our family in Zurich.

We got bored, so we moved to Kauai to adventure there for 4 years! Now, you can find us romping in the snow and lakes back in Switzerland.

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